Sanjeev Chatterjee
Sanjeev Chatterjee on Robben Island 1998

Sanjeev Chatterjee is a traveler who has worked on documentaries in four continents. His work has been seen on National Geographic, PBS, the History Channel and in film festivals. Chatterjee has produced and directed a series of films about the Indian diaspora including Bittersweet, Pure Chutney and now Dirty Laundry. Currently Chatterjee is working on a global project One Water, which is a visual meditation on the state of fresh water on our planet. Chatterjee has received numerous awards for his documentary work including Broadcast Education Association (2006 and 2004), Film South Asia(2001 and 2005) and Vermont International Film Festival (1998) and Silver State Documentary Festival (1998).Sanjeev Chatterjee is associate professor of Broadcast and Broadcast Journalism at the School of Communication, University of Miami.

Amitava Kumar
Amitava Kumar photographing people of
Indian origin in Johannesburg in 1998.

Amitava Kumar was raised in the land of gun politics and mangoes in Bihar, India. Amitava Kumar is the author of several literary commentaries.  Dirty Laundry is the second collaboration between Kumar and Chatterjee on the disaporic experience after the documentary Pure Chutney,  and an addendum to the author's existing works on the subject which include Bombay-London-New York, Passport Photos(fiction) and No Tears for the N.R.I. (poetry). His more recent Husband of a Fanatic (2005) addresses the Hindu-Muslim understandings and experiences from the context of India and Pakistan. Kumar has also won numerous awards including "Outstanding Book of the Year" award from the 'Myers Program for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights in North America' for his book Passport Photos. The author is a Professor of English at Vassar College.

Gautam Bose
Gautam Bose

Gautam Bose is a filmmaker and activist based in Calcutta, India. Bose started his career in mediamaking at the Center for the Development of Instructional Technology (CENDIT) in New Delhi with Sanjeev Chatterjee in the 1980s. After leaving CENDIT Bose founded the non-profit media group Communication and Media People (CAMP) in Calcutta.

K.J. Singh
K.J. Singh in Bollywood

K.J. Singh: After attempting to acquire a masters degree in political science K.J.  moved along tangentially to music and the related arts of sound recording. He attended Trebas School of Recording Arts, Toronto and therein began a journey of audio and music for television, radio, film and live sound.K.J. formed his own audio production company upon return to India. He moved to Mumbai (Bollywood) in 1987 to work for the movies and continues to work with the best (A.R. Rehman, Colonial Cousins, Rabbi - among others) in India and abroad. However, composing and producing music still remain his first love.